The word simultaneous originates from Latin and it means occurring at the same time.


Simultaneous Interpreting, enabling the speakers and participators to communicate in their own languages in international meetings is accepted as one of the most sophisticated tasks that human brain can fulfill. It requires comprehending the flow of audio content in one language and translate the same content into the target language and produce it by speech all at almost concurrent time.


The professional conference interpreters rely on their advanced short-term memory skills and cognitive execution functions in rendering their service. Furthermore, a simultaneous interpreter is required to be extremely skillful at crisis management. The interpreters perform the simultaneous interpreting in sound-proof booths, wearing headset, using the control console and speaking to the microphone. Before Covid-19, two interpreters would work at the same booth, but now they work either in separate booths or through online platforms such as Interprefy, Zoom, Office Teams, etc. The success of simultaneous interpreting is dependent on the harmony and collaboration between the two interpreters working alternately in every twenty to thirty minutes.


For a great simultaneous experience, a reliable sound technology and online platform host management service is necessary.


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