It is very critical for global corporations displaying activity in scientific industries to have high quality, accurate and consistent translations.

The products and services in scientific industry contain sophisticated technical information addressing to a target audiance who are expert in the field. So that the scientific texts and documents can penetrate into the relevant market with multiple languages and cultures, the translations must be performed by specialized professional translators. And the translations must be 100% loyal to the source text. Any wrong translation or inconsistent terminology may result in serious disruption of the original meaning and intent and it will give rise to severe consequences.

At InteTrans, we assign only the translators and localization experts who have relevant knowledge and experience in scientific industries and can apprehend full meaning of the source material content. We also use DTP specialists to ensure that the target format matches the target format whether it is graphics, charts, schemes, or presentations with countless small boxes.

For consistent terminology and 50% quicker delivery time, we efficiently use Computer Aided Translation tools and machine translation tools. In this process, we generate translation memories, which allow us to offer significant discount to our customers in their further translations.

We subject all the translation project which have completed to a diligent quality process involving editors and proofreaders to meet the quality standards.

Expertise of Translators & Editors

Translation from native language

We assign all our translators and editors to work only into their native language to the target language. For example, if the language of your content is English, needs to be translated into Turkish, a translator whose native language is Turkish is assigned by us to translate it. And we do the same also in editors.

Types of Files

  • Technical communications & documentation
  • Operating & product manuals
  • Plans, charts & drawings
  • Bid & tender documentation including RFPs & RFIs
  • Academic reports & studies
  • Product datasheets