Specialist healthcare language services

The entire health sector including medical, clinic, pharmacy comprises a highly sophisticated vocabulary. Therefore, you need a translation and interpretation partner that can translate your complex content and conversations into the target language.

With a team dedicated to the health sector, InteTrans provides  spoken and written language services.

From manuals of medical instruments,  drug prospectuses and labels in the pharmaceutical industry to communicable and non-communicable diseases we translate and interpret wide range of medical content.

As the global population increase, so do the demand for advance in medical and healthcare service solutions.

The international corporations displaying activity in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare services continuously look for innovative solutions helping to meet all the health related needs of the populations. As the medical products and health services determine the difference between life and death, all their contents are subject to strict and detailed legal regulations. Each year, millions of documents are produced in these sectors geared towards improving the human health across the globe.

Our proved expertise and reliable process is compliant with the industry standards of our customers. The content translation in the medical and healthcare services industry should be undertaken only by high quality translators specialized in the field. Because, there is no room for mistake.