The budget allocated to the global media industry has dramatically increased, and shifted from traditional channels to digital products and services.

As a consequence, massive volumes of digital content has been published for the global target audiance.

With the widespread access to the Internet, the social media sharing and social network platforms have radically increased, triggering development of global media content. There has been a transition from high-cost traditional media advertising to low-cost, high volume Internet and mobile advertising.

Now we are living in a digital age and therefore are continiously exposed to digital content and advertising. And as long as your target audiance have access to the Internet, you can convey your content to them through PC, phone or tablet whereever they are and at any time.

Expertise of Our Translators

We employ experienced translators and linguists who are very familiar to the content types in media industry. InteTrans translators and editors have the skills needed to develop high quality media content – including transcreation. It also covers recreating content to befit local markets via subtitling of video and audio work.
All InteTrans translators and editors are native speakers and assigned for the projects based on theie specification and industry-knowledge.

They must meet the following strict criteria:

  • Native speaker of the target language
  • Relevant translation qualifications in languages and specialist subject matter
  • Proven experience as a translator for at least five years
  • Willingness to take and pass various translation tests;
  • Linguists are continually evaluated on all projects and are only considered part of the InteTrans team after the successful completion of five live assignments.

The Most Frequent Types of Files We Translate:

  • Websites and welcome pages
  • Brand creation materials
  • Advertising materials (printed and digital)
  • Social media campaigns and user-created contents
  • Multi-media – video and audio
  • Presentation materials
  • E-mail marketing letters
  • Public Relations correspondence