10 things a translator can do staying at home to keep peace of mind

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10 things a translator can do staying at home to keep peace of mind

1. Meditate

In solitude all kinds of feelings and thoughts wait to overwhelm us. After Meditation is one of the best habits to regulate your feelings, thought and what is happening in your inner world. all, real growth comes from inside, not outside.

2. Read book

Well, you might say, “Oh, I am dealing with the texts all the time translating anyway. Why would I bother reading book and exhaust my eyes further. Wouldn’t it be better if I just watch my favorite Netflix series?” Oh no no no. Watching your favorite series in the middle of the day will give you so much dopamine that you will find it really difficult to get off your butt and concentrate back to your translation assignment. And of course, this will cause problem, especially if the deadline is tight, i.e., on the same day. By reading a book in a subject matter you are interested in, you will dive into a different world and this will relax your mind.

3. Cook food

Cooking is like therapy even if you do pasta. Whatever you prepare, do it with care and make sure to wash the dishes or put into the washing machine immediately after you are finished eating. You don’t want to see the kitchen in mess whenever you go to take a glass of water, soda or anything that you crave for during translation.

4. Everyday small cleaning

During the breaks, you can do just one of the followings: tidy up your bed if you haven’t done in the morning, fold and place your clothes to the wardrobe, clean the bathroom, but do not act so obsessive to allocate more than 20 or 30 minutes.

5. Call or email at least one client a day

So you might know the saying: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Now that we are in Covid-days and face to face meetings are outdated for health safety measures, only option to remind yourself to your clients is to send e-mail or call them. Well you might be a bit introvert, like most of the translators. But believe me, when this becomes a habit, you will notice that you are called back more often.

6. Listen to instrumental music while working

Translation is a mentally challenging task. Sometimes you have 10 lines of legal or business contract text that is contracted to one sentence. And the fact that grammar structure in English and Turkish is almost reverse, makes it even harder for you to understand the sentence exactly especially if you are working for long hours. So if you are not the type who can work better when the environment is completely silent, one of the options to relieve your mind is listening to music. But music with lyrics will distract your attention in this specifically challenging translation. You can open an instrumental music from Youtube or from your Spotify list.

7. Talk to your friends and loved ones

This is a profession where you will not hear your voice unless you speak by creating opportunity. There is only you and your PC and second monitor (remind me later, to explain why using a second monitor is important). During one of the breaks you can call your friend, close relative, bouyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, child, mom, father, an acquaintance, neighbor, a colleague. You name it!

8. Give break in every 50 minutes. Put a clock reminder to your pc.

The only way to work efficiently is to give break. Though the frequency of breaks is up to you, if you want to deliver high volumes you should not get off the chair like in every ten or twenty minutes. The online clock alarms or your telephone alarm will help you to remember that you need to give break.

9. Everyday 5 minutes say aloud the things you are grateful to have

While translating you forget hearing your own voice. Remind yourself your beautiful voice by saying the things that makes you happy in your life. Singing a song that is best suited to your mood at that time is also relieving.

10. Love your cat or dog

Oh, don’t you have a pet, yet? Absolutely it will boost your energy with love. If you are a person who has issues with cats or dogs I don’t know for any reason like unresolved childhood trauma, you can buy a fish tank with at least one fish in it! You can give it names and talk to it. Watch it swimming and give feed by your hand. If will be relaxing believe me.

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